NuFace is a leading American company in beauty gadgets, present on the market for more than 30 years, whose products use the patented Microcurrent Skincare™, a micro current that is precisely and completely painlessly applied to the face and neck, with a clinically proven beneficial effect with the help of micro current on lifting, facial toning and skin smoothing. Premium treatment with microcurrent, for which until recently you had to go to a beauty salon, is now available in the warmth of your home, at any time.


The effect of microcurrent has been confirmed by numerous clinical tests, and all NuFace products have the permission of the American FDA (Food and Drug Agency), which was obtained according to the strictest criteria.


Clinical tests have shown that the effect of microcurrent is visible already after the first treatment, which improves cumulatively over time. NuFace is a great solution for all ladies who are tired of looking tired!

  1. nuface trinity attachmnet effective lip nad eye 1
    NuFACE Trinity Attachment Effective Lip and Eye
  2. nuface trinity attachment wrinkle reducer 1
    NuFACE Trinity Attachment – Wrinkle reducer
  3. NuFACE Prep-N-Glow
    NuFACE Prep-N-Glow
  4. nuface mini 1
    NuFACE Mini
  5. NuFACE NuBody
    NuFACE NuBody
    Special Price €329.00 Regular Price €439.00
  6. NuFace Aqua Gel 296 ml
    NuFace Aqua Gel 296 ml
  7. 11 nf peptidebooster product soldier front 1800x1800 bbbbe26e de7c 4233 97c7 6cf4ba5c2d0c
    NuFace Super Antioxidant booster 30 ml
  8. NuFace Aqua Gel 100 ml
    NuFace Aqua Gel 100 ml
  9. Set StylPro Mirror + NuFace FIX
    Set StylPro Mirror + NuFace FIX
  10. NuFACE Trinity
    NuFACE Trinity
  11. nuface fix 3
    NuFACE Fix
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