PMD Clean Body Smart Body Cleansing Device


PMD Clean Body Smart Body Cleansing Device

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Body care device that features 3 interchangeable attachments to cleanse, exfoliate, and massage your entire body daily

Skin care is not only intended for your face! Give your body the attention it deserves with the PMD Clean Body device for deep cleaning, exfoliation and full body massage.

The device has 4 personalized models, 4 special magnetic attachments for personalized treatments and a silicone brush designed for all skin types. The device is completely waterproof and intended for use under water. It has an ergonomic design and is easy to use.

It has two main modes of operation: Cleaning and massage.

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Mode 1: gentle vibration

Mode 2: intense vibration


Mode 3: Gentle pulsation

Mode 4: Intense vibration

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Benefits of using PMD devices for body care:

  • Deeply cleans your skin
  • It reduces skin irregularities caused by sweat and other dirt and grease that accumulate in your pores during the day
  • Firms, lifts and improves skin tone
  • Your skin is smoothed and smooth
  • It reduces the frequency of ingrown hairs
  • The device contains special magnetic attachments for personalizing the treatment.
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  • Extension for massage with three touch points
  • Continuation for intensive peeling
  • Continuation with a sponge for gentle massage and exfoliation of the whole body
  • Extension for intensive peeling with aluminum oxide crystals
  • onic Glow technology provides your body with 7,000 pulsations per minute, which deeply cleans your pores of dirt and grease that accumulate during the day, so that your skin becomes tighter, softer and your skin tone improves. It contains 4 personalized modes of operation so that your treatment is completely adapted to you and your body. Silicone brush for deep cleaning is intended for all skin types

Body care options:

  • Cleaning with a gentle, ultra-hygienic silicone attachment that is antibacterial, hypoallergenic and odor-resistant
  • Use the extension to clean the entire body, even on sensitive areas

To get rid of bacteria, use a gentle exfoliation with an ultra-gentle antibacterial sponge enriched with silver, which cleans the skin without retaining bacteria and prevents the further spread of bacteria

Intensive peeling and exfoliation with aluminum oxide crystals that will leave your skin soft and supple. It is ideal for treating thickening of the skin and blisters

Relax with a special massage attachment that, with the help of SonicGlov technology, provides your skin with the necessary pulsations that will relax your body after the whole day. It can be used during the shower with the shower gel or after the shower with your favorite body lotion or body care oil.


  • Wet your body and apply shower gel
  • Wet the device and turn it on
  • Smart cleaning with a gentle silicone brush
  • Rinse off

OPTION 1: Perform a gentle exfoliation of your body using a specially created sponge enriched with silver threads

OPTION 2: do a rough exfoliation and remove dead skin cells using a polishing attachment containing aluminum oxide crystals

OPTION 3: relax and unwind using the massage extension and get rid of everyday stress


The charging port is located at the bottom of the device

Insert the charging port. The charging port is narrow to ensure the device is fully waterproof so added pressure will be required.

The light on the device will light up while the device is charging. The device will stop lighting after 3 hours, which will indicate that the device is fully charged.

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