PMD KISS Smart Lip Plumping System

PMD KISS Smart Lip Plumping System

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Smart anti-aging treatment that results in fuller lips


The PMD kiss system provides a smart anti-aging treatment that results in fuller lips. A specially created serum based on hyaluronic acid and a strong formulation of key active ingredients stimulates additional collagen production of your lips and provides an immediate increase in the volume of your lips.

Smart pulsating vacuum technology provides your lips with a gentle anti-aging treatment for smoother and fuller lips, softens wrinkles around the lips and at the same time promotes volume. PMD smart pulsating technology protects your lips from damage.

Hydrakiss lip mask with a unique formula based on hyaluronic acid and peptides promotes additional hydration of your lips and stimulates the renewal of skin cells.

The device comes with 2 additional treatment attachments in two sizes, which are enriched with antibacterial aluminum oxide crystals to remove dead skin cells and achieve fresh and smooth lips.

PMD Kiss treatments reduce the appearance of sharp lines on the lips and the appearance of wrinkles. It promotes lip volume for a fuller and fresher look to your lips. It restores and refreshes the natural color of the lips, and stimulates the production of lip collagen so that your lips are smooth and have more volume immediately after the treatment.

The device has two operating modes:

  1. Standard modes for rapid treatment
  2. Slow fashion for a more intensive treatment

For everyday use.

The length of the treatment depends on your preferences, and you can use it as often and as long as you want until you achieve the desired results.

Due to its small and compact design, you can use the device on the go, wherever you are. Use the device before applying lip makeup to smooth existing wrinkles and sharp lines on the lips and thus achieve a perfect and flawless look.

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  • 91% of users noticed an increase in lip volume immediately after the PMD KISS treatment
  • 81% of users confirmed smoother and younger looking lips immediately after the PMD KISS treatment
  • 76% of users noticed a stronger natural lip color
  • 81% of users confirmed a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and sharp fine lines on and around the lips


1 Apply Smart Lip Plumping serum to clean and dry mouth

Turn on the PMD Kiss system. Place the device directly on the lips to create a vacuum. Gently move the device that will start pulsating and suctioning your lips until you achieve the desired results.

Apply the Hydrakiss lip mask and let it sit for at least 5 minutes to achieve the desired anti-aging result

Apply your favorite gloss or lipstick to emphasize the desired result of your fuller and smoother lips.

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PMD KISS System includes:

  • PMD KISS system device for antiaging and lip plumping results
  • Hydrakiss lip serum
  • 2 Hydrakiss lip masks
  • Kissfoliator & Kisser tips for treatment in two sizes – smaller and larger
  • Charger
  • Guarantee
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The charging port is located at the bottom of the device.

Connect the device to the charger

A red light indicates that the PMD Kiss system is charging. The light will start flashing green when your device is fully charged. The device takes an average of 3-5 hours to be fully charged.

NOTE -> the device must be charged at least 2 hours before first use, and after the first charge, charge the device as needed

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