SmoothSkin Pure Mini IPL Hair Removal Device

SmoothSkin Pure Mini IPL Hair Removal Device

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  • The most advanced IPL device in reduced dimensions
  • Easy to use
  • Intelligent and personalized adaptation to your skin


Remove up to 97% of hair in just 12 weeks!

The SmoothSkin Pure Mini is our smallest IPL device to date, with clinically proven results in just four weeks of use.



Twice as fast and twice as powerful as competing devices, SmoothSkin Pure Mini enables a full body treatment in just 10 minutes thanks to a power of 3-4 J/cm2 and 150 flashes per minute!

We have incorporated the most advanced technologies and safety features into SmoothSkin Pure Mini - it is approved by the US FDA for use on the face and body.



The patented Smart Skin Sensing Technology brings as many as four of the most advanced skin sensors that precisely adjust the operation of the device and disable flashes if the device does not fit correctly.

It uses active air cooling technology so we don't need additional cooling devices. Safely achieving high power is extremely complex, which is why SmoothSkin Pure Mini feature our patented active air cooling technology that guarantees skin safety at all times.

Cold air is drawn in through the ventilation holes and circulates over the lamp and the internal parts of the device. Hot air is released back through the exhaust, preventing overheating of the device and your skin.



The magnetically attached adapter for sensitive areas makes it much easier and faster to remove hair around the lips, armpits and other hard-to-reach parts of the body.



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