The calming rescue serum

The calming rescue serum

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Prebiotic serum for sensitive skin prone to redness


This intensely nourishing serum is expertly formulated with soothing botanicals rich in antioxidants and skin-regenerating actives, including pro-vitamin D3 to regulate skin barrier function and protect against free radicals, red sage root to reduce skin reactivity to various stressors, and Centella Asiatica ( CICA) to soothe the skin, reduce redness and even out skin tone.

This serum is proven to balance and strengthen the skin's natural defenses, and is enriched with Mondo grass extract to reduce redness and soothe sensitive skin.


The Calming Rescue Serum – An intensely nourishing prebiotic serum enriched with soothing antioxidant-rich botanicals and skin-regenerating active ingredients, formulated for sensitive and redness-prone skin.

This Super Serum visibly calms the complexion and leaves the skin healthy and rejuvenated. Experience transformative results through a simple, sensory ritual, gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

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