Dry hair? Say goodbye to her!

Dry hair? Say goodbye to her!

Your problem is dry, damaged and lifeless hair? This is the eternal struggle of most women, especially if you don’t want to give up your favorite hair color or run away from a hairdresser for miles. The fact is that anyone's hair can become dry.

But the question is what are the reasons for hair to become dry?

We will help you prevent dry hair over the years, especially over the summer and say goodbye to it forever. With good advice, your hair can be saved. Often, too much good - or wrong care - is the reason hair has become dry.

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1. Do not wash your hair every day

Dry hair should never be washed every day. The protective grease is rinsed from the hair with each shampoo wash. As a result, the hair becomes dry and loses its shine. Wash your hair as infrequently as possible. Washing your hair 2 times a week is quite enough.

2. Visit the hairdresser every 3 months

Cut your hair at least a little every 2-3 months. This is a very important step, even if you are trying to let your hair grow. When the ends are too cracked, they just keep tearing and so constantly shorten your hair and continue to damage it.

3. You are using the wrong care products

It is important to distinguish between dry hair and damaged hair. Dry hair and damaged hair are not the same. Dry hair lacks natural fat. Damaged hair is exhausted by coloring and styling. Use care products developed for dry hair to hydrate it, smooth your hair and restore hair shine.

4. It uses products without sulfates, parabens and artificial ingredients

Watermans products for hydration, shine and hair growth are created from the highest quality blend of ancient ingredients and essential oils that promote hair growth. The products guarantee not only faster hair growth but also thicker hair and help with scalp problems.

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  1. Watermans strengthens the hair follicle and improves scalp circulation and stimulates hair regrowth.
  2. The unique formula becomes active in the scalp after 2 to 3 minutes after which it is transferred to the hair root deep in the scalp. the hair becomes thicker, firmer, more elastic and shiny again.
  3. Watermans obtains GrowMe hair growth shampoo and ConditionMe hair conditioner.

5. Dry hair loves Omega-3 fatty acids

What you eat on a daily basis can also affect the beauty and health of your hair, and experts advise that you include as many foods as possible in your diet that contain Omega-3 fatty acids such as nuts, fish, flax seeds, olive oil to strengthen your hair and it would not be dry.

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