SMOOTHSKIN BARE is the fastest IPL device for removing unwanted hair on the market.

The pioneers and leaders of IPL technology from Great Britain have designed the Smoothskin device, which is easy and safe to use in the warmth of your home. The devices are ergonomically designed, which makes treatments easier and simpler. The Smoothskin Bare device is based on the transmission of light energy that is transmitted through the surface of the skin and absorbs the melanin present in the hair root. Absorbed light energy is converted into heat energy that prevents the hair follicle from growing further. In the first few weeks, the first results will be visible.

The device is clinically tested, which means that it is safe and easy to use, and studies have shown 92% less hair after only 4 weeks of using the product, while the first signs are visible in just one week of use, after which the hair begins to fall out naturally.

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