In summer, facial skin needs special protection from the effects of the sun because it is more sensitive, thinner and more exposed. Preventive facial care prevents cell damage due to light, ie the premature formation of wrinkles.

Before you start applying day and night facials, you need to do an exfoliation once a week to deeply cleanse the skin, while you can use the masks several times a week, depending on the skin type and current skin needs.

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Facial care in steps

Geneo Personal is a device that has several uses - skin cleansing, exfoliation and oxygenation treatment. It exfoliates the outer part of the skin, renews and refreshes the skin from the inside and nourishes the skin with revitalizing nutrients and skin care formulas.

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Oxygenation works by bringing oxygen to the skin cells. It only happens when oxygen reaches the skin cells from "inside" the body. The device does not put oxygen in or into your skin, but it works by creating a layer of CO2 bubbles on your face. In this way, the body releases oxygen to the skin cells, increasing blood flow to the tiny blood vessels and stimulating the skin rejuvenation process, leaving the skin radiant and radiant.

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Once you have thoroughly cleansed your skin, we bring you the basic preparations to make yours daily and night care completed:

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Immortelle day cream which promises luxurious care for the whole day. It will hydrate your skin, make it soft, silky and smooth to the touch. Thanks to the cold-pressed vegetable oil of apricot, it deeply nourishes the skin in the epidermal layers. It is ideal for oily and normal skin. Facial care with immortelle essential oil, which has anti-aging properties, acts on wrinkles, depigmentation and couperosis. It is applied directly on the face and rubbed in a thin layer. It is an excellent foundation for make-up. Immortelle oil from the day cream will act on wrinkles, redness, depigmentation and couperosis.

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We know how much sun exposure accelerates the process of wrinkle formation and skin aging. To support the natural composition of our skin cells, deep facial care and wrinkle smoothing is guaranteed with hyaluronic cream. In addition, hyaluronic acid nourishes skin cells, participates in their growth and helps preserve vitamin E, firms the skin, fills wrinkles and gives the skin a smooth and shiny appearance. The cream is suitable for all skin types, especially for dry and mature skin

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After a full day of effort, the skin needs to be properly cleansed and cared for again in the evening. Cleaning every night removes dirt, sweat, sebum and makeup. The skin is then clean and ready to absorb the active ingredients of your night care product.

Golden serum for the face deeply nourishes, slows down aging, acts on wrinkles, reduces redness and freckles, removes small scars, acts on depigmentation and couperosis, slows down the breakdown of collagen, and is adapted to all skin types.

Night facial care deeply nourishes the skin of your face while you sleep, and immortelle oil acts on wrinkles, depigmentation and couperosis.

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