How to use SmoothSkin and achieve the desired results?

How to use SmoothSkin and achieve the desired results?

Unwanted hair removal has been known to women for many years. Smooth skin has always been strived for. Hair removal with wax, sugar paste or the use of a hair removal instrument has been known since ancient Egypt.

Meanwhile, hair removal methods have advanced, and we bring you the most advanced method; photoepilation or epilation with an IPL device SmoothSkin that brings lasting results.

With more than 30 years of experience, SmoothSkin is a professional in IPL hair removal technology. The product is manufactured in the United Kingdom, where it also conducts its own research and clinical trials.

IPL hair removal can be done at home, with the help of a SmoothSkin device. After 12 treatments you can enjoy six months of smooth hairless skin.

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Why choose SmoothSkin?

SmoothSkin is made up of experts in the IPL method.

Thanks to our own unique team of experts, 100% of our time and resources are dedicated to researching, designing, designing, manufacturing, and even testing our state-of-the-art IPL technology, so we believe we are the best at it.

How does IPL technology, ie SmoothSkin, work?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. IPL hair removal is designed to interrupt the hair growth cycle by targeting the hair root or follicle. Light energy is transmitted through the surface of the skin and is absorbed by the melanin found in the hair follicles. The treated hairs fall out naturally over a period of between a few days and one to two weeks.

Is Ipl technology the same as laser?

The technology is similar, but not the same! The laser uses a single spectrum of concentrated light in a single color and wavelength. IPL uses a much wider light spectrum in a variety of colors and wavelengths. Because laser treatment directs light into the follicle rather than the skin, it is often recommended for darker skin types that may not be suitable for IPL treatment.

Is SmoothSkin safe to use?

SmoothSkin has been thoroughly tested for efficacy and safety for use on both the face and body. Provided you use IPL according to the instruction manual, you should not experience any side effects. All SmoothSkin devices have a skin type sensor system that prevents the device from flashing if the sensor does not detect a valid skin type that is safe for this treatment.

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How long does SmoothSkin treatment last?

There are several types of SmoothSkin devices. With our most powerful device, SmoothSkin Muse, you can expect up to 92% less hair after four weeks of treatment. In terms of the time session of each treatment, SmoothSkin Bare + is the fastest device. treatment of the whole body (legs, armpits, face and bikini zone) lasts only 10 minutes, while for Musa it takes about 20 minutes.

Is SmoothSkin suitable for my skin type?

Due to the way the technology itself works, the IPL method is not suitable for the darkest skin types or for use on red, gray or very light (blue) hair. In any case, it is necessary to consult an expert before using the device and treatment.

I want to buy SmoothSkin! What is the next step?

Excellent. See our offer and learn more about different SmoothSkin products offer and how exactly their features can help you have smoother skin for longer.

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