Facial cleansing is a key part of any beauty routine. In order for the skin to remain healthy, well-groomed, fresh and youthful, it is necessary to clean the face daily. If we avoid regular facial cleansing, especially before going to bed, the pores remain closed, natural excretion is not possible and dermatological problems begin to appear on the skin.

When is the time to clean your face?

The first and most important rule is to always take off makeup after wearing. It is recommended to use pH neutral makeup removers, specially formulated for gentle facial cleansing.

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Namely, some parts of the face (the area around the eyes, lips) have particularly delicate skin, so they need special care, for which reason gentle neutral make-up removers are recommended.

How to choose the right facial care?

It is important to choose proper facial care depending on skin type and her condition. Normal, dry, oily or combination skin, each of these skin types requires facial cleansing in order to subsequently apply care or therapy to the prepared skin.

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Geneo Personal the device is intended for all skin types because it improves the natural oxygenation process of facial skin. Geneo Personal exfoliates the outer part of the skin, regenerates and refreshes the skin from the inside and nourishes the skin with revitalizing nutrients and skin care formulas.

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Why is oxygen important for the face?

Geneo Personal combines the three most important elements: facial cleansing, facial peeling and facial oxygenation, thus completing the complete facial care.

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It works by bringing oxygen to the skin cells. This boosts circulation in the tiny blood vessels, resulting in rejuvenated skin that looks fresh and radiant.

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Geneo Personal treatments provide real oxygenation that only happens when oxygen reaches skin cells from inside the body. The device does not put oxygen in or on your skin, but it works by creating a layer of Co2 bubbles on your face. This causes the release of oxygen to the skin cells, increasing blood flow to the tiny veins leaving the skin glowing and radiant.

How is Geneo used for facial cleansing?

To use the device as a daily facial cleanser, simply moisturize your face, apply a large amount of facial cleansing gel, and press the power button on the back of the device. Then move the device in a circular motion around the face for at least three minutes.

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Oxygenation treatment is performed once a week with the Geneo device. Simply insert the oxygenation capsule into the device, apply the gel and run the device in a circular motion across the face.

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Due to the fast-paced lifestyle, it seems to us that proper skin care requires a lot of time. Try to make yourself a beauty routine and remember that one of the most important things about facial cleansing and skin care is just its regular maintenance.