Rox'n'Roll Quartz Roller

Rox'n'Roll Quartz Roller

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Rox’n’Roll Quartz face roller and Gua Sha stone are waiting for you in the package. Made of quartz, their primary function is to stimulate circulation in the face and stimulate the lymphatic system and stimulate lymphatic drainage throughout the face. Roller is used for simpler and stone for more advanced applications. And how does quartz help? Here are some key benefits:

  • unlike jade, it naturally stays cool when used
  • reduction of redness on the face,
  • soothing and relaxing the skin,
  • improving the absorption of oil into the skin of the face,
  • skin firming.

Quartz roller made of quartz is a great tool for inner and outer beauty of the face, and its use relaxes and relieves stress. It physically helps to strengthen the appearance of the skin with a gentle massage, but it also helps support the lymphatic system, the body’s main main detoxification system.

Rose quartz has inherent minerals - silicon, magnesium, iron, sodium and oxygen - from which the skin has direct benefits when rolling.

With regular use, they even reduce the appearance of acne along the chin and jaw, in the area where toxins usually accumulate. Keeping it in the fridge, a roller will also help reduce headaches and hangovers. It is used very simply, with movements in the direction of the forehead and top of the head, and they work best when you use them over a mask or face cream, whose absorption is further enhanced.

The roller is usually made of jade, and can also be made of amethyst or rose quartz. On the other side of the handle, there is usually another smaller roller or ball of the same material.

It is recommended that you use the quartz roller at least 3 times a week, and you can also use it on a daily basis. It is necessary to dedicate about 10 minutes of facial massage with this product. Can be used on all skin types.

Advantages of using a quartz roller

The primary function of the jade roller is to stimulate circulation in the face. This also stimulates the lymphatic system and stimulates lymphatic drainage throughout the face.

Quartz rollers have other great advantages such as:

  • reduction of redness on the face,
  • soothing and relaxing the skin,
  • improving the absorption of oil into the skin of the face,

    skin firming

  • the quartz set stays cool while the jade is adaptable in nature and tends to warm up with a touch of leather
  • rose quartz is better known for the benefits of reducing wrinkles.

The effect of this product is increased due to the fact that the rollers are naturally cold. If you want, you can keep the roller in the fridge for better effect.

How to use a quartz roller?

As we have already said, the quartz roller consists of a larger roller on one side of the handle and a smaller roller on the other side. The larger stone is intended for use on the jaw, cheeks and forehead, while the smaller stone is used under the eyes and around the mouth.

It is recommended to use a quartz roller on a clean face, before applying cream and oil. However, you can also use the quartz roller after washing, after applying the oil. It is necessary to move the roller on the face in "up-down" movements, with light pressure and emphasis on upward movement. Also, move the roller from the middle to the end of the face. You can roll the whole face with a roller, and it is recommended to use this product on the neck as well.

Gua Sha stone

Gua Sha facial massage is a type of massage with the help of a flat stone that is passed over the face. The benefits of this facial massage are numerous, and among other things, it stimulates facial circulation and reduces tension in the facial muscles. The Gua Sha method of massage originates from ancient Chinese and Southeast Asian medical techniques.

Rox'n'roll Quartz Kamen Za Lice

It is traditionally a matter of successive scraping of a certain part of the body in order to stimulate circulation, with the use of various objects. Gua Sha facial massage is a slightly different technique because it uses light hand pressure on a round stone that is passed over the face.

Benefits of Gua Sha facial massage

The most prominent benefits of Gua Sha facial massage are stimulating facial circulation and relaxing muscle tension. That is why Gua Sha massage helps the process of facelifting.

Other benefits of this massage are the following:

  • strengthens facial muscles,
  • smoothes the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles,
  • stimulates collagen production,
  • reduces dark under-eye circles,
  • makes the skin radiant and gives it a healthy look.

In addition to the beauty benefits of Gua Sha facial massage, this technique can also contribute to overall relaxation.

How to use Gua Sha stone at home?

You should wash your hands and face before starting a home Gua Sha facial massage. Apply moisturizing face water on a clean and dry face. Then gently massage the face serum or oil (about 5 drops) on the face to make the stone glide more easily on the skin.

You pass the stone along a certain part of the face at an angle of 45 degrees (or less) and with a slight pressure upwards. It is good to walk on the same area 3 times while you are still learning how to use it. It is not recommended to use the stone in one place more than 10 times during the massage.

The places where Gua Sha stone is most often used on the face are the following:

  • beard,
  • jaw,
  • cheekbones (below, above and along the cheekbones),
  • under the eyes,
  • eyebrows,
  • between the eyebrows,
  • forehead.

You need to start from the lower part of the face and slowly change the place towards the upper part of the face. You can also use the stone on the neck, but remember to apply oil to that area as well.

Gua Sha quartz stone

What is the difference between Roller and Gua Sha stone?

Roller and Gua Sha stone can be made of the same material, such as jade or quartz. Both products stimulate circulation in the face. However, with Gua Sha stone, stronger pressure is used, and the technique of use needs to be improved. While the primary purpose of the roller is to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage, Gua Sha stone is primarily used for relaxation

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