SILK'N AUTOTWIST hair curler

SILK'N AUTOTWIST hair curler

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  • Uvija kosu lako i automatski bez dodatnog oštećenja i čvorova
  • 3D pametna tehnologija uvijanja koristi auto-rotaciju, turmalin i ione kako bi Vaša kosa bila dodatno zaštićena i obogaćena
  • Dugotrajni učinak na svim tipovima kosea
  • 25mm grijač s turmalinom
  • 4 temperature: od 150 to 210oC
  • Uvijanje kose nikad nije bilo lakše!

Silk'n Autotwist - Automatic hair curler

Do you dream of beautiful curls or beautiful wavy hair, but you don't have time for it? We bring you the ideal solution!

The Silk'n automatic hair curler can create perfect curls and waves in no time.

  • Curls hair easily and automatically without additional damage and knots

  • 3D smart twisting technology uses auto-rotation, tourmaline and ions to further protect and enrich your hair

  • Long-lasting effect on all hair types

  • 25mm heater with tourmaline

  • 4 temperatures: from 150 to 210oC

  • Curling your hair has never been easier!


Curling hair with a classic hair curler or some other device can sometimes be quite challenging. For this reason, Silk'n has produced the Silk'n Autotwist automatic hair curler to create beautiful curls or waves in a short time. Thanks to 3D smart twisting technology, your hair automatically rotates around the tourmaline ceramic tube, without damage or tangling.

With 3D smart twisting technology, you'll never have a bad haircut again. This unique technology helps shape curls, protects hair and adds moisture for a final shine for long-lasting results on all hair types.

The Silk'n AutoTwist automatic hair curler has 4 different temperature settings from 150 to 210oC, to suit all hair types, whether your hair is thick or thin. The Silk'n AutoTwist automatic hair curler reaches a temperature of 150 oC in just 90 seconds, and a temperature of 210 oC within 4-5 minutes.

It can be curled in 2 different directions, so your curls can be both outwards and inwards to achieve a glamorous Hollywood look or a romantic relaxed look.

The timer on the device indicates when your curl is ready.

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