STYLPRO Beauty Fridge 4L Black

STYLPRO Beauty Fridge 4L Black

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Keeps all your essential cosmetics products chilled, fresh, and ready for everyday use


STYLPRO Beauty Fridge ensures that cosmetic products, especially organic ones, last longer and maintain superior optimum freshness.

Keep all your cosmetic products cool and maintain their shelf life and consistency with this premium mini fridge.

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By cooling your favorite cosmetic products, you help them last longer and reduce the appearance of harmful bacteria.

Chilled cosmetics can also help soothe the skin and remove pus and tighten pores, while giving a soothing effect from the product at room temperature.

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This four-liter mini fridge looks gorgeous and is perfect for makeup and cosmetics, skin care, medications and more, minimizing the need to use products with harmful unnecessary preservatives.

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  • Cool to 20 ° C below room temperature
  • To avoid freezing and condensation, it has low temperature protection to keep the internal temperature above 2 ° c
  • Cool and heat
  • Reduced noise
  • External dimensions: 190 * 270 * 275mm
  • Internal dimensions: 135 * 140 * 200mm (4 liters)
  • Power consumption: 48W


  • Natural, organic products
  • Nail polish
  • Serums, creams and moisturizing products
  • Toners and sprays
  • Sheet mask
  • Sunscreens
  • Products containing Vitamin C
  • Liquid makeup products (liquid powder, liquid eye shower, mascara)
  • Eye and lip pencils

The STYLPRO Four Litre Beauty Fridge keeps all your essential cosmetics products chilled, fresh, and ready for everyday use. From night creams to nail polish, your beauty products can now keep cool and collected in our first ever Beauty Fridge. 


Refrigerating beauty products extends shelf life and prevents bacterial growth, keeping ingredients at optimal freshness. Using chilled products helps cool and depuff skin, tightens pores and maximise product performance.

Beauty is best served chilled, or warm! With additional heating capacities, the STYLPRO Beauty Fridge can also heat up products, such as heating packs and hand warmers.

Products will never spoil or freeze with our built-in low temperature protection, which always keeps the interior above 2°c.


Benefits and features

⭐Cools contents up to 20°c below room temperature
⭐Low temperature protection prevents products from spoiling
⭐Chilling and heating settings Built-in noise reduction
⭐Works in both UK and EU/USA
⭐Built in noise reduction
⭐Rose Gold detail
⭐Recycled and recyclable packaging

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