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PMD Personal Microderm Pro

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PMD PRO – Personal Microderm PRO uređaj za mikro dermoabraziju koristi perfektno kalibriranu vakuum tehnologiju i patentirane rotirajuće diskove obogaćene aluminij oksid kristalima kako bi se ostvarili brilijanti rezultati poput profesionalnih mikro derm tretmana u salonima i klinikama.

PMD PRO – Personal Microderm PRO device for micro dermabrasion uses perfectly calibrated vacuum technology and patented rotating discs enriched with aluminum oxide crystals to achieve brilliant results like professional micro derm treatments in salons and clinics.

Patented rotating discs containing aluminum oxide crystals for exfoliation and removal of dead cells from the surface of the skin. By removing dead skin cells, the production of new cells is stimulated, which stimulates the renewal of shiny and youthful skin. This removal of dead skin cells removes the barriers that were on your skin and allows skin care products to penetrate up to 20X deeper into your skin maximizing the effect of skin care products.

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Aluminum oxide crystals are adaptable, hypoallergenic, antiallergenic, and particles are not transmitted by air.

Perfectly calibrated vacuum suction is the key to professional microdermabrasion. Such suction of skin cells promotes better circulation and starts the natural healing process of the skin, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which makes your skin tighter, firmer, fresher and brighter.

With weekly treatments with the PMD PRO device, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, dark spots, and even out skin tone and skin texture. Stimulate natural skin cell renewal to leave your skin smooth, youthful and fresh.

The first significant results are visible after 8-12 weeks of using the PMD PRO treatment once a week.

Benefits of using the PMD PRO device:

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • They beat better hydration
  • Reduces existing pores and the appearance of pores
  • Removes the appearance of dark spots on your skin
  • Evens skin tone
  • It reduces the redness of your skin
  • It evens out the texture of the skin
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  • 100% of users noticed smoother and softer skin
  • 96% of users confirmed the better effect of skin care products after treatment with the PMD PRO device
  • 90% of users confirmed healthier and fresher looking skin after using the PMD PRO microdermabrasion device.


  • Turn on the device
  • Choose the appropriate disc for the desired treatment intensity
  • Place the desired cap on top of the device
  • Turn on the device and adjust to slow or fast modes to personalize the treatment
  • Move the device over your tight face in an outward motion
  • At the end of the treatment, apply your desired toner on the face
  • After the treatment, apply your favorite skin care product to your face
  • Wash the attachment under water

The treatment lasts 3 minutes:

  • Start the treatment with the white disc of the lowest intensity.
  • Move the device quickly over your tightened skin with outward movements
  • Do not press the device
  • Do not stop at certain places
  • You may only pass the device over the surface of the skin once - do not repeat the same movements on the same surface of the skin.
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The device has two speeds of use, and the device comes with various attachments for personalized treatment.

The device comes with discs in different colors, and each color indicates the intensity of the treatment.

The larger cap of the device is used to treat larger areas of the body's skin where a wider disc is inserted, while the smaller cap is used to treat more delicate areas of the face and sensitive areas and a smaller disc is inserted into it.

The device is not only intended for facial treatments, but you can also use it on the body:

  • On the upper arms to smooth the back of the arm
  • On the hands to reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • On your heels to treat calluses and smooth your heels for the perfect pedicure treatment

New users should start treatments with the gentlest treatments and then gradually switch discs as your skin adjusts to the treatments. You can stop changing the colors of the discs when you reach the desired level of exfoliation. Most users do not use the highest level of intensity.

The PMD PRO set includes:

  • Device for microdermabrasion with two speeds
  • Caps for treating smaller and larger surfaces
  • Charger
  • White extension for initial testing and treatment
  • 2 gray attachments for ultra-sensitive and gentle treatment
  • 2 blue attachments for sensitive treatment
  • 2 green extensions for moderate intensity
  • 2 brown attachments for intensive rough treatment
  • 2 additional wider attachments for the treatment of larger body surfaces


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